Jason Haddix


A connection between the fish and the angler starts long before you hit the flats, river or stillwater. It all begins with a daydream swirling around in your head  of  great weather, beautiful locations and the ultimate hook up. Eventually dreams lead to reality and before you know it  your chasing that one prize, but what's standing between you and landing it. You bought the best rod, reel and all the little gadgets. Let's face it though, your success depends on what's down there dragging through  the muck, rocks and sticks. How well will it hold up, is what you have to ask yourself.......
At  Waters Edge we test, fish and re work. Then we test some more and some more and some more. Our goal is produce flies from the best materials, using the best hooks and bring you one step closer to your realizing your daydreams 

If our fly selection doesn't meet your dreams or goals, then check out  all the materials, tools and special accessories in our store. Because sometimes you just got to do it yourself...
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Having worked in the flyfishing industry  for many years as a shop guy, guide and commercial,  Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and love for the outdoors into every pattern created. He began the business many years ago in order to fill what he saw as a huge hole in the industry. One of an immediate need for better quality flies at reasonable prices. The vision quickly became reality when it was discovered it could all be done by skilled hand here in the United States.

From there he has grown the business to new heights and is always looking to the future for more.